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Cover it up: 3 reasons why you need a phone case


The development of the USB cable

USB, is in English the Universal Serial BUS (USB), and the Chinese referred to as "bits, is an external BUS standard, used in standard compu

Mobile phone cable Prolong life skills

Headphone cables used in the long run, in the interface is easy to crack, broken happens. The city's mobile phone sales maintenance professi

Tpe and PVC cable products

As you all know, a lot of big companies are willing to choose TPE material as the material of cable products, such as apple data line is TPE

Cable of choose and buy of the five main attention to things

An hour charge 50% electricity? Or 5 hours to reach 10% charge? See a charging line performance is strong, should see its load current and v

What are the advantages by apple MFI certification of usb d

Great brand advantage. Because of the low pass rate apple MFI certification, so there are MFI certification would be a huge brand image of e

Don't mix headphone cables

Different specifications, different models on the market, there are hundreds of different cable size, usually between different brands and p

Mobile phone cable to connect computers haven

Above all, want to see yourself with what is the mobile phone, now most of them are smart phone, of course, some people still in use the old

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